Stump Removal of Any Size in Toronto

Stump removal procedure

Stump removal is a procedure that property owners in Toronto frequently require. Here are the reasons why it may be needed:

  • Sometimes it’s necessary to remove a stump in order to stop its growth. Even without its upper part trees can still continue to develop roots. This growth causes hazards for nearby sidewalks, house foundations, and other cement and wooden structures;
  • In other instances, property owners decide to get rid of a stump for aesthetic reasons;
Stump removal service Toronto

Stump removal service

  • Also, if left in the ground, a stump becomes a perfect potential house for termites. Needless to say, these insects will put other trees in the area at risk; your wooden house can be affected as well;
  • Besides, any construction, landscaping, or similar jobs are impossible with a stump in place. It has to be removed to enable you to do what was planned;
  • Finally, a stump may be the reason of flooding as it obstructs proper drainage or blocks waterway.

Now, let’s learn how to remove a tree stump if you want it relocated.


Stump removal  Toronto

Stump removal Toronto

How to Remove a Tree Stump

There are several methods that we use to remove unwanted stumps in Toronto. Each approach is suitable for certain stump sizes, surrounding property, and several other factors. Therefore, a decision to use one of the methods is made on the project-to-project basis. Ultimately, total stump removal cost depends on this decision.

Here are the most common methods we use:

  1. Probably, the most popular approach is stump grinding. It is performed by special machines that cut the stump nonstop, layer after layer. When the preferred depth is reached, a machine is turned off. We’ve got the needed equipment to grind stumps of nearly any size;
Toronto stump removal service

Toronto stump removal service

  1. One of the oldest methods of stump removal is using a tractor. First, the land around the stump is excavated, and then a tractor is used to pull the entire root structure. However, such technique can be quite risky. While being pulled out, the roots can actually damage the nearby utilities;
  2. In most delicate cases it is reasonable to dig the object out with a straightforward technique, i.e. using shovels and axes. This approach helps avoiding damage to the surrounding property and land.
Toronto stump removal

Toronto stump removal

It should be noted the size of the job can affect the overall stump removal cost, but in short, we can remove any stump in Toronto. The methods may vary but the end result will always be the same – the stump will be removed completely and without any major damage to the surroundings.